Sure it’s Funny and Adorable, but is No One Else Grossed out by This?

This could easily be an unpopular opinion, but I cannot look passed it. Who knows actually, maybe I’ve changed your opinion after reading this.

Another dog video has surfaced, which should not come as a surprise at all. This one shows a Golden Lab (I’m guessing, don’t get mad if its not, I’m not a veterinarian.) trying not to beg for whatever this guy is eating. Here it is.

Yes I get it. The dog is awesome, and very cute but I have to state what made me write this blog.

Is no one else grossed out by the way this guy is eating? I couldn’t even tell you what it is, ice cream, hollandaise, mayonnaise? Either way none of this matters, I just cannot get over the way he is eating this substance. Plus, whatever it is, he has an abundance of it. I actually had to get this off my chest, I understand the dog is cute but I can’t look past this kid eating his food. The worst thing is the video goes on for over a minute and it’s just this kid eating. YUCK, not sure if watch this video again after blogging about it. Also, I hope my opinion isn’t independent because someone else should feel the same way. From now on I hope I never watch cute dog videos with owners eating boston cream filling out of a ramen noodle container.