Lebron James has won an Academy Award for his Performance Last Night

The score of the Cavs, Spurs face-off last night wasn’t the only humiliating thing associated with the game. Lebron Blames, Lebron James, whatever you want to call him left the game in the third quarter last night in Cleveland. What looked like a completely harmless elbow to the back of Lebron turned into a full fledge academy award performance. After the life threatening (full sarcasm) blow to the spine of the 6 foot 8 human, Lebron could only make his way to the scorers table before he collapsed to the floor in absolute agony “The bigger they are the harder they fall”? What makes it even better is the Spurs, drained a three as he was putting on his show. Maybe he left the game because he knew there was physically no way to put the team on his spine (get it?), like he’s been doing all season and come back from a 21 point deficit. Either way there is no need for an oscar performance for a light elbow tap to the spine. If you break both your leg’s, sure you can fall to the ground all you want because you would physically be unable to stand. Lebron said after the game that he will play Thursday night and defy the odds of his traumatic injury. After this performance I personally think I could beat up Lebron James.
The Cavaliers are now tied with the Boston Celtics for top spot in the Eastern Conference. I would pay lots of money to see the Cavs get eliminated in the first round of the NBA Playoff’s.

Stay tuned for many more performances from Lebron, now that he has committed to being the biggest baby in the NBA there is no turning back!

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Kanye West Being Offered Copious Amounts of Money to Front Man American Idol Revival

First off, how dare you NBC. Trying to revive a lost cause. We already know “The Voice” has the singing competition game locked down. Why even try right? WRONG, NBC has reportedly offered Kanye West an enormous amount of money to be one of the judges on the new American Idol Revival. If you get a entertaining, outrageous human being with no filter like Kanye West to judge awful singers from around the US of A, I will tune in every single audition episode and that is it. When things start to get serious I will immediately flip my TV to Netflix. You have to give it to NBC though, going after Kanye to judge is ballsy. It could’ve been instant rejection or as things are panning out, a valiant effort. To get me to watch the entire season of American Idol you would have to put Lindsay Lohan and Dan Bilzerian up there with Kanye. That panel screams havoc, and would actually bring me to the TV every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm sharp. Nothing has been set in stone yet, but rumours are buzzing. The Hip Hop world would be left without Kanye beats and lyrics for a little while but maybe it would be worth it? Whats next; Taylor Swift on the Bachelorette? The cast of Jersey Shore reunite for Survivor? Or maybe Pawn Stars in Hells Kitchen. These are actually good ideas and I’m trade marking them as you read this. Reality TV just keeps getting more eccentric as we dive further into the 2000’s. Who knows what the future holds, here’s hoping it has nothing to do with the Kardashians…

Even though very few people will actually read this, maybe comment below what judging panel would bring you to watch the American Idol revival.