Sure it’s Funny and Adorable, but is No One Else Grossed out by This?

This could easily be an unpopular opinion, but I cannot look passed it. Who knows actually, maybe I’ve changed your opinion after reading this.

Another dog video has surfaced, which should not come as a surprise at all. This one shows a Golden Lab (I’m guessing, don’t get mad if its not, I’m not a veterinarian.) trying not to beg for whatever this guy is eating. Here it is.

Yes I get it. The dog is awesome, and very cute but I have to state what made me write this blog.

Is no one else grossed out by the way this guy is eating? I couldn’t even tell you what it is, ice cream, hollandaise, mayonnaise? Either way none of this matters, I just cannot get over the way he is eating this substance. Plus, whatever it is, he has an abundance of it. I actually had to get this off my chest, I understand the dog is cute but I can’t look past this kid eating his food. The worst thing is the video goes on for over a minute and it’s just this kid eating. YUCK, not sure if watch this video again after blogging about it. Also, I hope my opinion isn’t independent because someone else should feel the same way. From now on I hope I never watch cute dog videos with owners eating boston cream filling out of a ramen noodle container.




We are Living Amongst a Human Monster and No One is Noticing

James Harrison is a 38 year old linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, or a human representation of a “Monstar” from Space Jam. Consider this a PSA, This guy is absolutely incredible, he is the definition of GRIND. Being one of the oldest players in the NFL, and even more absurd being a linebacker, practically putting his body at risk every play.
I first started to notice how much of a freak James was when I started to follow him on Instagram a few months back. It blows my mind how no one has really come to grips with the strength this man possesses. Yah, yah, The Rock is also impressive, but he doesn’t play a professional sport that involves laying your body on the line every single play. Except the rock actually lays his acting career on the line with every horrible movie he stars in. People need to be aware of this outrageous specimen of a human, here is hoping I’m in half as good of shape as James Harrison when I’m 38. A chiselled linebacker in the NFL. I’ve actually just decided while writing this blog that I’m declaring myself for the 2018 NFL Draft, wish me luck.

Here are some videos of pure fortitude.


Oh and his insta: